The TRIMM project has contributed to road asset management decision-making by improving the means of collection and use of information on road asset condition, maintenance needs and end user service.

TRIMM has developed monitoring tools for the assessment of bridge conditions, which help to detectstructural damage at an early stage and set optimal maintenance actions. The techniques developed help to assess the bridge visual condition, corrosion progress, cracking activity, functionality of joints and bearings, as well as the integrity of major load-bearing elements.

The project has enhanced the monitoring of road functionality by making 24/7 real-time ‘low-quality’ride measurements with normal vehicles. It has also looked at existing methods of monitoring the surface and structural condition of pavements and implementing them in new ways. Work has also included assessment and inventory of features in the road area such as road markings, traffic signs, curbs, barriers, etc.

Emphasis has been given to how measurements can be implemented in asset management systemsthrough relating them to an accepted set of condition and performance indices. TRIMM has addressed the problem of how to assess the benefits from the introduction of advanced monitoring, by prototyping methods for making business cases and assessment of added value of monitoring, thereby enabling more efficient and economical road asset operations. The overall purpose has been to highlight and assess the potential benefit for asset management through recent advances in asset monitoring. click on the document below to read more about the outcomes of the project.