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Work Package 4 – Advanced Road Monitoring Techniques

Work Package 4 (WP4), led by TRL of the UK, will identify the key technologies for advanced monitoring in the areas of safety, structure and functionality and test and develop these into practical techniques that can be implemented on the European network. As a consequence of the increasing levels of traffic, the work will be focused on new and emerging technologies that can provide measurements that do not disrupt traffic, and expand the level of information beyond the network level to the project or scheme level. The results will better target lengths for maintenance and enable engineers to identify and prioritize lengths where there are key safety, structural or functional problems. Such methods will then provide higher value for money, and become a core component of a robust asset management regime. SMEs are included within the tasks to bring knowledge and experience of how the new methods can be implemented in practice. The five tasks are as follows:

  1. Task 4.1 (Identification of potential water ponding)
  2. Task 4.2 (Monitoring inventory)
  3. Task 4.3 (Monitoring surface condition)
  4. Task 4.4 (Monitoring structural condition)
  5. Task 4.5 (Monitoring functionality

Please see the posters below which outlined the status of these tasks at the FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting 2013 (FIRM13) in June 2013.

Task 4.1 (Identification of potential water ponding)

Task 4.2 (Monitoring inventory)

Task 4.3 (Monitoring surface condition)

Task 4.4 (Monitoring structural condition)

Task 4.5 (Monitoring functionality