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Work Package 2 – Asset Management

The objective of Work Package 2 (WP2), led by TNO of the Netherlands, was to further develop and use reliability-based societal cost-benefit methods which will demonstrate the added-value of the monitoring systems within the TRIMM toolbox. It has also provide guidelines for implementing the key information provided by the comprehensive and efficient toolbox of monitoring systems within (existing) asset management systems to provide optimum added value. Within WP2, the following five Tasks exist:

  1. Task 2.1 (Condition indicators)
  2. Task 2.2 (Relate condition indicators to performance and impact)
  3. Task 2.3 (Reliability based societal cost-benefit method)
  4. Task 2.4 (Business cases for monitoring systems)
  5. Task 2.5 (Implementation of monitoring in existing asset management systems)